Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Grandmother's Quilt

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by a customer to add a binding to a quilt that was made by her grandmother.

Instead of a binding, the quilt had a ruffled bed skirt sewn to three sides. The top section was sewn up pillow top style.

Although the raw edges where the ruffle was sewn were exposed, the quilt is very well preserved. There is a lively mix of of cottons and blended fabrics. It is machine pieced and hand quilted. 

The customer had come to the shop with her quilt, so we were able to make the fabric selection together. 
When choosing the binding fabric for the quilt, we considered a couple of options. The customer had hoped to pull from some of the bright colors of the quilt, but when we tested them out, they seemed to 'new' and made the rest of the quilt look more faded. Claire, the owner of the shop, suggested we use a natural Kona and I a muted pink because they were in keeping with the vintage feel of the quilt. 

In the end we settled on the natural. I think it was the best choice. 

The customer said that her grandmother made the quilt for her in 1983. In it she sees all the fabrics that her grandmother had used to make dresses for her when she was little. 

I think she's lucky to have it. 

A lovely keepsake.


  1. Wonderful quilt! Lucky you to get to work on it.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. What a wonderful connection you were able to make. The stories of our lives live after us in quilts.

  3. Très bon choix de couleur et beau travail. C'est vraiment agréable de donner une deuxième vie à des courtepointes qui autrement resteraient dans la boite à souvenirs. Bravo Cinzia!

  4. What great memories to keep! She was lucky to have you.