Sunday, November 17, 2013

Two New Baby Quilts

I recently put the final stitches into two new baby quilts. I had a little push to finish these up as I will be setting up a table at an Arts and Crafts sale tomorrow. 

The first quilt is wonky log cabin quilt that I made with some fabrics that were purchased on a trip to Vermont last June for the Vermont Quilt Festival.  

I love me a nice polka dot and I just couldn't resist these great big polka dots! 

The second quilt, 'Homage to Josef', is one that I started last spring. The top and back have been finished since May but I only got around to finishing it last week. 

This one was inspired by Josef Albers' paintings called Homage to the Square

Josef Albers has inspired many artists and with his studies on color interaction. and quilters too! like Jacquie Gering and Heather Jones. 


    Both Quilts are listed in my etsy shop!


  1. I love both your quilts, so fresh, joyful and modern! I had never heard of Josef Albers so I just followed the link and looked at some images of his painting.. what wonderful inspiration! Thanks for sharing! Good luck with the sale - bonne chance!

  2. Gorgeous quilts Cinzia! Have fun at the sale. :-)

  3. These are beautiful! I'll bet they're sold by now, to some lucky owners.

  4. Being that I LOVE chartreuse and orange...these quilts are right up my alley. Gorgeous, both of them!!! Visiting from Blogathon Canada.