Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Grandmother's Quilt

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by a customer to add a binding to a quilt that was made by her grandmother.

Instead of a binding, the quilt had a ruffled bed skirt sewn to three sides. The top section was sewn up pillow top style.

Although the raw edges where the ruffle was sewn were exposed, the quilt is very well preserved. There is a lively mix of of cottons and blended fabrics. It is machine pieced and hand quilted. 

The customer had come to the shop with her quilt, so we were able to make the fabric selection together. 
When choosing the binding fabric for the quilt, we considered a couple of options. The customer had hoped to pull from some of the bright colors of the quilt, but when we tested them out, they seemed to 'new' and made the rest of the quilt look more faded. Claire, the owner of the shop, suggested we use a natural Kona and I a muted pink because they were in keeping with the vintage feel of the quilt. 

In the end we settled on the natural. I think it was the best choice. 

The customer said that her grandmother made the quilt for her in 1983. In it she sees all the fabrics that her grandmother had used to make dresses for her when she was little. 

I think she's lucky to have it. 

A lovely keepsake.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Quilter's Connection for Canadian Quilters.

Quilter's Connection Magazine is the only magazine for quilters in Canada. Hard to believe considering how many there are in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world. 

The Canadian quilting heritage is not as strong as our neighbors' south of the border, but we're working on it, eh!?

I will admit that even I had not heard about the magazine until I was contacted by Heather MacArthur, editor and owner of the magazine. The focus of the spring issue is centered on the Modern Quilting Movement and I was asked , as the co-founder and president of the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild,  if I would agree to do an interview. Of course I would! 

While I have been published before, this is the first time that I had a chance to talk about how quilting entered my life and how I made the transition into modern quilting. I got a four page spread in the magazine with pictures of some of my favorite quilts.

I am happy to see that the modern quilting movement is gaining recognition in Canada. Quilters are still wanting to know more about what defines a modern quilt and I can see that work is being done in that regards. 

If you want to know more about modern quilting, visit The Modern Quilt Guild Website.
As I mention in my article, I have been invited by several guilds in the last year to speak about modern quilting. If your guild is interested in learning more about it, please contact me for details. I am also available to give workshops based on the Modern/Liberated Style of Quilting. Visit my workshops page for details and contact me about fees and availability (cinzia-ibc@videotron.ca).
I will also be teaching at Quebec's Biannual Quilt Show, Salon CQQ, from May 29th-31st.
If you live in the Montreal Area and want to be join the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild, we would be happy to welcome you to our next meeting. Your first visit is free! Our next meeting will be held on May 1st.

Friday, March 14, 2014

I love my local MQG!

But before I tell you why, i want to clarify something about my last post. When a friend of mine read the quote, she was concerned that I might be going through a rough patch (excuse the pun), when in fact i view it as an optimistic statement. Take something negative and make it positive. But i appreciate the concern!

Last night was the monthly meeting for the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild. And despite the fact that winter never ends here in Montreal, and that we had just had a snowstorm the previous day, we had an amazing turnout! One member even braved her parking anxieties (and, trust me, they are justified especially after a snowfall) and showed up at the meeting with her brand new baby! 
At any given time non-members are welcome to attend a meeting to find out what we are all about. Yesterday, we had about 4 visitors and by the end of the evening we had signed on 2 new members! 
One member's teenage daughter attended the meeting because she was curious to know what her mom is so excited about every month. Could she be catching the bug?

Our agenda was jam-packed as usual and the meeting lasted an hour longer than scheduled, but I certainly didn't hear any complaints!

We held a secret swap where participants made a thread catcher, put it in a paper bag and placed them on a table upon arrival. anyone who brought a bag could pick from the bunch and claim it as their own. 
I scored this beautiful 'bucket' made by Stacy:

Stacy and her business partner, Betsy (who is also a member of our guild), own  Craft de Ville , an online shop that sells craft supplies. They also have a lovely blog, where they have helped to promote the Montreal MQG as well other members' blogs. Thanks ladies! I have had the privilege of doing business with them and I will tell you that their customer service is excellent!

At our last sew-in we began work on a guild banner and the effort has proven to be a great collaboration among members. Josee of The Charming Needle, who is also our V.P., and designer of our guild logo 
Montreal Modern Quilt Guild

made a scale model of it out of paper, and the task of reproducing it from fabric was divided among members.
Louise and Llynnda stepped up to piece the top half:

Francine pieced the bottom half:

and Josee and I tackled the letter appliques.

Each member was also asked to make  a 6" X 6" block that will be incorporated into the banner.
Agnes, who blogs at as*q, has volunteered to piece the top, Josee will piece the back, and Isabelle, who blogs at Dizzy Quilts, has stepped up to quilt it. It will eventually come back to me for the binding. 

There is a lot of work involved in making sure that the guild runs smoothly and that we are meeting the needs of our members. There is never a shortage of volunteers when we need them. Even something as simple as providing a snack to the meetings is greatly appreciated. We have a great team and I am privileged to be a part of it! 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Busy, busy...

I haven't been blogging much lately. In fact, I've been trying to stay away from the computer altogether. It's hard to do, as there is always so much inspiration to be found all over Blogland and emails to keep up with.

My focus has been on teaching and being more productive in the studio. 

I have made 2 new sets of projects that I am teaching at Courtepointe Claire.

The first is a QAYG Sew-On-The-Go set:

A carrying bag for ruler and cutting mat

A boxy ouch for notions/tools

And a Chatelaine for all your hand sewing needs. I've been wanting to make one of these forever. 

It's my favorite of all three projects. Especially the little sac for the thimble!

The Sew-on-the-go project was also my entry for the Modern Quilt Guild's Riley Blake Challenge.  

The second class sample  is a sewing machine cover and thread catcher. 

The sewing machine cover features QAYG chevrons. 
And I love this little thread catcher with a little loop to hold a small pair of scissors! 

At next month's meeting for the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild, we will be having a thread catcher swap, so someone will be getting the same one but in different fabrics!

I also just finished hand quilting and binding this large quilt, which I have submitted to VQF and the Salon CQQ this spring. 

It is also my entry for our guild's Modern Traditionalism Challenge. Mine is a modern interpretation of the Double Wedding Ring Pattern.  I'll share the process pictures and details of this quilt in a future post. 

I also made an apron for my sister for her birthday. I finished on the day of her birthday and forgot to take a picture. But it looks like this, in different fabrics:

It's my original design and you can buy the pattern at Courtepointe Claire.

Finally, I have been working on a secret project that I can't share with you just now. 
I am a test quilter for a  book that is due to come out next year. A very exciting project! 

There are also other small projects that I am working on that I will be sharing with you shortly. 

So you see I have been spending many, many hours in the studio. And I am loving it!

Monday, February 10, 2014

CQQ Salon 2014

Every 2 years, the provincial quilt association in Quebec, otherwise known as CQQ,  holds a quilt exhibition with hundreds of quilts on display. It is a fantastic display of local talent!  This year will mark the sixth show they have organized. 

Workshops and seminars are offered during the 4 day long show and this year I will be teaching there as well! 

With a growing interest in Modern Quilting in Montreal over the past year, and I have been asked to offer workshops in this discipline. 

I am offering 3 workshops based on  modern liberated/improvisational quiltmaking. 

The first is my Improv Strip Piecing workshop. 

The second is the Wonky Log Cabin Sunshine quilt.  

And third is my Stepping Out of the Blocks workshop. 

Follow the links above to the CQQ site for a descrition of each workshop, or visit my Workshops Page

Online registration is now open. You can find details on times and fees as well as class materials needed by visiting the Salon CQQ Page. 

I f you have any questions about any of the workshops, just let know! I'd be happy to help you.